BKT Meets Herdade do Pigeiro - Bruno Pernas

Within the backdrop of Herdade do Pigeiro's sprawling landscapes, Bruno Pernas emerges as a key figure in the agricultural realm.

His professional path converged with this remarkable estate, where he takes on the pivotal role of managing agricultural operations, overseeing the machinery park, and tending to the crops.

Beyond these daily responsibilities, he forges connections with local businesses and the workforce, contributing to the vitality of this agricultural endeavor.

In partnership with BKT, an integral part of the journey, Herdade do Pigeiro advances further into the agricultural frontier. Explore Bruno's world, where each day is a testament to his steadfast commitment to this exceptional venture.

  • Alfonso Bulhão Martins
    Alfonso Bulhão Martins
  • Bruno Pernas
    Bruno Pernas
  • Luís Bulhão Martins
    Luís Bulhão Martins
Did you know?
  • With a dedicated tenure starting in 2007, Bruno Pernas has accumulated over 16 years of experience at Herdade do Pigeiro, demonstrating his enduring commitment to the estate and its agricultural pursuits.
  • Bruno faced a significant challenge when heavy rain made the use of wide wheels impractical. Displaying resourcefulness, he opted for BKT narrow wheels to execute crucial treatments, saving the crop from potential ruin. His adaptability and problem-solving skills shine through in this endeavor.
  • Bruno finds immense satisfaction in working with a diverse range of crops. He thrives on the yearly variations and distinct behaviors of each crop, which pose unique challenges. Bruno's passion lies in navigating this diversity, making each farming season a different adventure.
Alfonso Bulhão Martins
Alfonso Bulhão Martins

Afonso Cavaleiro de Ferreira Bulhão Martins, the son of LuÍs Bulhão Martins, serves as the General Manager at Herdade do Pigeiro.

With a background in agricultural engineering, Afonso joined the family business after successfully completing his studies.

In his current role, he shoulders significant responsibilities and actively contributes to the company's strategic decisions. His involvement in the company signifies a commitment to its ongoing growth and evolution.

Bruno Pernas
Bruno Pernas

Bruno Pernas, coming from Elvas and armed with an Agricultural Engineering degree, plays a crucial role at Herdade do Pigeiro.

As the field engineer, he manages agricultural operations, crops and the entire machinery park.

Bruno embraces Herdade do Pigeiro's commitment to social responsibility, forging connections with local businesses and workers.

His enduring passion for agriculture drives his unwavering dedication to the company.

Luís Bulhão Martins
Luís Bulhão Martins

Introducing Luís Bulhão Martins, a visionary force in Portuguese agriculture.

With four decades dedicated to Herdade do Pigeiro, he's not just a leader; he's the driving spirit. From the fields to the boardroom, Luís' journey has transformed this family legacy into a modern agricultural powerhouse.

His unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, with the support of his son Afonso and the field engineer Bruno Pernas, has elevated Herdade do Pigeiro to unparalleled success.