Krysten Anderson - Closer Than You Think

This is the story of a little young girl; with three older brothers and a father she looks up to as her hero.

Like every little girl, she wants to make her dad proud of her; she wants to live up to her dreams and be the best in what she loves.

And, like everyone else, to do so she relies on constant training, hard work, and the love of the ones around her, who make her feel taken care of and never alone.

This story reminds us a little great truth: that the fulfilling of your dreams is Closer than You Think.

Did you know?
  • Krysten Anderson’s dad drove the famous Monster Truck Grave Digger.
  • Krysten believes that talent won’t get you far without constant training
  • Krysten Anderson is 2022’s winner of the Rising Star Award in Monster Jam