BKT meets Sandgården Farm

A dream turned into reality through continuous dedication, genuine passion, and an authentic connection to the earth: meet Sandgården, a Swedish farm owned by the Jonzon family.

For more than a decade, Peter and Petronella have relied on the strength and durability of BKT products to cope with the challenges of climate and soil in cultivating the 70-plus hectares of the farm they purchased together, where they produce potatoes, onions, and tubers while paying special attention to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Be captivated by their genuine and authentic relationship with nature, and be inspired by their vision; to pass on a better world to future generations.

  • Pether Jonzon
    Pether Jonzon
  • Petronella Jonzon
    Petronella Jonzon
Did you know?
  • The Sandgården farm covers more than 70 hectares; its main products are firm potatoes, green onions, yellow and red onions as well as cereals and rapeseed.
  • “We chose BKT row cultivation wheels because we move a lot between farms and fields, so we have noticed that BKT lasts significantly longer than other brands”. As Pether said, BKT tires are designed and optimized both to maximize yield and to ensure maximum driving comfort, whether on land or on the road.
  • The first potato field in Sweden was planted in 1720 by a man named Jonas Alströmer, who is considered the father of Swedish agriculture.
Pether Jonzon
Pether Jonzon

Pether Jonzon and his wife Petronella have always harbored a true calling: that of “making things grow”.

By buying the Sandgården farm in 2000, they were able to make that wish come true.

Today that dream has grown not only in size, with more than seventy hectares of their fields, but also in future’s direction - in passing on the values and passion for their work to the next generation, represented by their four children.

Petronella Jonzon
Petronella Jonzon

Petronella and her husband, Pether Jonzon, have always shared a deep passion for nurturing growth.

They realized this dream when they acquired Sandgården farm in 2000.

Their dedication to cultivating life has flourished over the years, expanding their fields to over seventy hectares.

But their vision extends far beyond the present; they aim to pass on their love for the land and their work to their four children, who represent the next generation of farmers.