BKT Meets Herdade do Pigeiro

In the picturesque landscape of Portugal, Herdade do Pigeiro tells a story of agricultural evolution spanning over 40 years. Guided by Luís Bulhão Martins, with Afonso Bulhão Martins adding innovative sparks, and field engineer Bruno Pernas bringing expertise to the forefront, this family-driven endeavor blends tradition with modernity.

Their unwavering commitment to sustainability shines through eco-conscious practices and vigilant wildfire prevention. BKT tires, renowned for their exceptional traction and load capacity, have been serving as the backbone of their operations for over 5 years now. Thanks to their durability and adaptability to different terrains, BKT tires are the preferred tire choice for Herdade do Pigeiro.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary journey of Herdade do Pigeiro and their collaboration with BKT as they pave the way for a sustainable future in Portuguese agriculture.

  • Alfonso Bulhão Martins
    Alfonso Bulhão Martins
  • Bruno Pernas
    Bruno Pernas
  • Luís Bulhão Martins
    Luís Bulhão Martins
Did you know?
  • Herdade do Pigeiro has pioneered innovative irrigation systems, covering nearly 30% of its agricultural land with state-of-the-art technology. These cutting-edge systems employ precision water management, leveraging sensors and automated controls to optimize resource utilization.
  • In the tumultuous era of World War II, Herdade do Pigeiro played a pivotal role in the community. The company's generous support extended beyond its fields as it provided food and lunches to local residents during times of scarcity for several years.
  • Renowned for its outdoor pig farming practices, Herdade do Pigeiro has not limited its reach to Portugal alone. The company has successfully expanded its operations into Spain, showcasing its dedication to delivering high-quality products to a broader international market.
Alfonso Bulhão Martins
Alfonso Bulhão Martins

Afonso Cavaleiro de Ferreira Bulhão Martins, the son of LuÍs Bulhão Martins, serves as the General Manager at Herdade do Pigeiro.

With a background in agricultural engineering, Afonso joined the family business after successfully completing his studies.

In his current role, he shoulders significant responsibilities and actively contributes to the company's strategic decisions. His involvement in the company signifies a commitment to its ongoing growth and evolution.

Bruno Pernas
Bruno Pernas

Bruno Pernas, coming from Elvas and armed with an Agricultural Engineering degree, plays a crucial role at Herdade do Pigeiro.

As the field engineer, he manages agricultural operations, crops and the entire machinery park.

Bruno embraces Herdade do Pigeiro's commitment to social responsibility, forging connections with local businesses and workers.

His enduring passion for agriculture drives his unwavering dedication to the company.

Luís Bulhão Martins
Luís Bulhão Martins

Introducing Luís Bulhão Martins, a visionary force in Portuguese agriculture.

With four decades dedicated to Herdade do Pigeiro, he's not just a leader; he's the driving spirit. From the fields to the boardroom, Luís' journey has transformed this family legacy into a modern agricultural powerhouse.

His unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, with the support of his son Afonso and the field engineer Bruno Pernas, has elevated Herdade do Pigeiro to unparalleled success.