Xtractor South Africa

8,000 kilometers, 35 stops, 49 days, 8 drivers and 4 McCormick tractors equipped with BKT Tires – this is the 2018 Xtractor expedition.

In this inspiring episode, we share our epic journey across South Africa with Xtractor South Africa - a humanitarian mission aimed at enhancing agricultural development and the economy of South African communities.  

Discover firsthand from our Events & Brand Sponsorship Manager, Lorena Pea, how BKT supported the Xtractor team in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, and see how our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility drives change for communities across the globe.

Did you know?
  • The BKT team gifted 500 BKT footballs and jerseys to the children at Sedibeng West’s high school.
  • The Xtractor expedition used McCormick X7 P6 and VT-Drive and 2 X8 VT-Drive tractors.
  • BKT’s Agrimax Force and Agrimax RT 657 tires were used to maximize safety and reliability across the wonderful African landscape.

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