BKT Meets Loughnane Concrete

Explore the captivating realm of Loughnane Concrete quarry, where a hidden tale of resilience and progress unfolds.

Here, young Rachel Dermody emerges as a trailblazer in a male-dominated industry, defying expectations with unwavering determination. Since its establishment in the 1950s, Loughnane Concrete has epitomized environmental responsibility and relentless innovation.

To face the tough conditions of the landscape they rely on BKT tires, especially when it comes to traction, grip, stability and durability - because, as the Managing Director of Loughnane Concrete says, “It's a quarry, so you need good equipment, and you need equipment that has very little downtime, that is reliable.” Paving the way for an inclusive tomorrow, Loughnane Concrete and BKT join forces to shape a sustainable and prosperous industry.

  • Christy Loughnane
    Christy Loughnane
  • Rachel Dermody
    Rachel Dermody
Did you know?
  • The Offaly County Region in Ireland is undergoing a remarkable shift towards green energy, with numerous wind farms being established. Loughnane Concrete is supplying road materials for significant projects, including the construction of 21 turbines, expected to be the country's largest at 185 meters.
  • Since 1979, several employees who started their journey with the company have remained invaluable members of the team. This remarkable longevity reflects their deep affection and unwavering commitment. Today Loughnane Concrete counts on a cohesive workforce of 35 dedicated individuals.
  • Loughnane Concrete prioritizes sustainable water recycling, channeling production area water to ponds for washing materials and concrete production. With sufficient storage for excessive rainfall, the used water is then recycled in sedimentation ponds. This process ensures a zero waste water management system.
Christy Loughnane
Christy Loughnane

Christy Loughnane, Managing Director of Loughnane Concrete, guides the thriving 65-acre quarry in Birr, Ireland.

With four decades of commitment, his journey intertwines with the company's growth, embracing challenges and fostering a caring environment.

Valuing his team as treasures, he treats them with genuine affection and sees no gender barriers in hiring.

Christy is not only a skilled professional but also the beating heart of Loughnane Quarry, embodying its truest spirit.

Rachel Dermody
Rachel Dermody

When a young Rachel Dermody casually walked into Loughnane Concrete quarry in Birr for the first time, little did she know it would become not just her workplace, but a true second home.

It was fate and a fortunate opportunity, along with the foresight of owner Christy Loughnane, that led her to find her path and discover a genuine passion upon which she now builds her future.

Unravel her story of determination, destiny, and the power of finding one's true calling amidst the concrete walls of Loughnane Quarry!