Longest Stoppie Record

Tom Meents has once again amazed audiences with a spectacular performance in his MAX-D monster truck, setting a new Monster Jam World Record for the longest nose wheelie on a monster truck while equipped with BKT Tires.

In this daring feat, the front wheels bore the entire weight of the truck. The remarkable features of BKT Tires played a pivotal role in achieving this record, including their increased carcass robustness, exceptional traction performance, and expanded footprint area.

Make sure to watch this episode if you want to know more about:

  • The technical skills needed to do a Nose Wheelie

  • The preparation required to break this record

  • The role of BKT Tires in achieving this world record


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Did you know?
  • The Nose Wheelie normally looks like a dance moving competition.
  • BKT Tires played a significant role in achieving this record.
  • Some tips for future Monster Jam drivers: work hard, pay attention to your teacher, learn about the mechanics of your vehicle and, last but not least, learn about business.