BKT Stories: BKT and Merlo

In this episode, we delve into the transformative impact of the Merlo telehandler on the Scaglia farm’s operations. Discover why this is the third Merlo they’ve purchased, transitioning from a basic tractor with a bale fork, and why this shift has been a gamechanger for the company.

Importantly, we also explore the significance of having the right tires for a telehandler, including Mauro Scaglia’s experience with BKT tires, and how they've revolutionised the farm’s operations.

In particular, he shares how BKT tires have offered superior grip and prevented slippage on the pavement, especially when removing manure - a distinct improvement over other tires he’s used in the past!

Get the full details in the episode above.

Did you know?
  • According to Mauro Scaglia, the right tires for their application should be sturdy and with good oscillation, and suitable for driving on the road.
  • BKT Tires provide superior traction.
  • The company has bought a Merlo Telehandler for the third time.