BKT meets Scaglia

In this episode, join Graziano Scaglia, who along with his brothers Paolo and Mauro, operates a family farm in Rivoli, Turin.

From a small farm with twenty cattle and a few hectares of land to a flourishing operation with over four hundred cattle, the Scaglia brothers have carried forward their grandfather's legacy of prioritizing quality above all else.

Discover how each brother brings unique strengths to the farm, with Paolo managing the fields, Mauro caring for the livestock, and Graziano overseeing sales through the farm's butcher shop.

Listen to Graziano as he reflects on the growth of their business and their commitment to continually raising the bar in terms of animal welfare, food wholesomeness, crop health, and environmental consciousness.

Learn about their investment in a photovoltaic system and their commitment to sustainable practices, like reducing plastic use in their butcher shop.

Hear about their experience with BKT tires, which provide superior grip when removing manure in their stables.

Join them on their journey as they look towards the future, hoping the next generation will continue their legacy of innovation, growth, and an unyielding commitment to quality.

This episode is a heartening exploration of a family's dedication to their farm, the environment, and the legacy they hope to pass on to future generations.

Watch the full episode above and be inspired by the Scaglia family story.

Did you know?
  • The Scaglia family owns a butcher shop, with produce from their family farm.
  • Each Scaglia family member plays a crucial role in the overall running of the farm.
  • The company places utmost importance on being environmentally friendly.