BKT Meets La Ferme de l'Orée des Bois

Step into the captivating world of Adrien Lorieu, an inspirational figure at Ferme de Lorée des Bois.

As you delve into his story, prepare to be moved by the passion and dedication that fuels his every endeavor.

At Ferme Lorée des Bois, Adrien has created a haven where nature and farming coexist harmoniously: a true commitment to the belief in extensive breeding and relentless pursuit of animal welfare. Witness how BKT's exceptional equipment plays a pivotal role in bringing these dreams to life enabling to reach new heights in farming practices.

Join this enthralling expedition, where the power of BKT products intertwines with the vision and values of Adrien Lorieu and be inspired by this unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture, and its remarkable impact on the community!

  • Adrien Lorieu
    Adrien Lorieu
Did you know?
  • Ferme Lorée des Bois is situated in the picturesque region of Charente-Maritime in western France, renowned for its lush landscapes and rich agricultural heritage.
  • The farm exclusively distributes its products through local channels such as direct sales, nearby butcher shops, and restaurants. This ensures that consumers have access to top-notch, traceable, and locally sourced food.
  • At Ferme Lorée des Bois "no-till" farming methods are embraced, which involve loosening the soil up to 40 cm deep without disturbing its natural life and allowing earthworms to thrive. BKT tires are particularly well-suited for this purpose, thanks to their exceptional traction force. That's precisely why Adrien chose them upon his arrival at the farm, until today.
Adrien Lorieu
Adrien Lorieu

Adrien Lorieu, the visionary farmer behind Ferme l'Orée des Bois, is leading the way in sustainable agriculture.

His farm serves as a model for extensive breeding, promoting a harmonious coexistence between animals and nature.

With a strong commitment to ethical practices, Adrien prioritizes animal welfare and implements autonomous feed production methods.

His story showcases the power of innovation and dedication in shaping a more sustainable future. Join Adrien on his journey towards a greener tomorrow at Ferme Lorée des Bois!