Sustainability & ESG - Trends & Talks

In this discussion, we are going to learn how businesses can incorporate new practices in their manufacturing facilities while still maintaining stakeholder satisfaction and adhering to their sustainability goals.

But is it possible for sustainability to be prioritized throughout the entire supply chain rather than just at the extraction and processing stages?

Join us as we find out what our experts: Craig Guthrie, Robert Pell and Fabio Novelli think in this episode.

  • Craig Guthrie
    Craig Guthrie
  • Robert Pell
    Robert Pell
  • Fabio Novelli
    Fabio Novelli
Did you know?
  • Battery remanufacturing, which is primarily done for stationary storage and electric vehicle applications, is currently being studied by businesses to determine its environmental impact.
  • By 2040, society will require six times as many minerals as it does today to meet the demand for low-carbon technology.
  • We used 30000 cubic meters of air in 2022, which is equivalent to 12 Olympic swimming pools or 60 million pints of beer, for testing at our scientific hub.
Craig Guthrie
Craig Guthrie


After covering the role of managing editor at Asia Times Online and Middle East Eye, and more than three years as the Digital Editor of Petroleum Economist with a mandate to focus on technical innovation, Industry 4.0 and ESG, Craig Guthrie took over Mining Magazine's editorship in April 2021.

With years of experience writing about the impacts of regional geopolitics on the commodity markets, he now leads an editorial team to provide industry coverage on critical midstream operations, technology, computing, and more, in the mining industry.

Robert Pell
Robert Pell


Robert Pell is the Founder & CEO of Minviro, a UK-based consultancy and technology company that provides solutions using life cycle assessment for raw materials, technologies, and recycling sectors.

Prior to Minviro, Dr. Pell completed a Ph.D. at the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines), as part of the NERC funded SoSRare project on the topic “Responsible sourcing of rare earth elements”, with a year at Tsinghua University.

Dr. Pell has published a number of academic papers on applying life cycle assessment for rare earth elements and other technology metals.

Fabio Novelli
Fabio Novelli


Fabio Novelli is an entrepreneur who founded his first trading company in 1990, later moving into the fields of industrial automation, services to industry, engineering and plant engineering and R&D.

To merge these different souls he and his father Albino founded Nol-Tec Europe, a company that designs and builds integrated bulk material handling and process automation systems in many industries, in 1998.  

In 2016, the Company changed the brand name into NTE Process: across years it turned from a family business into a management-run business celebrating 25 years of successes in 2023

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