Most Consecutive Donuts

Join us as we explore the world of monster trucks and uncover the maximum number of donuts ever achieved! 

But that's not all, witness Bari Mussawir's incredible double record-breaking performance, made possible with the help of BKT Tires! 

Performing this stunt puts a great deal of mechanical stress on the tires, increasing their wear rate and generating intense heat.

Fortunately, our tires are built to withstand these challenges, thanks to their optimal lug bar width and depth, as well as the rounded shoulder of the crown. 

Learn more about:

  • The preparation required to break this record

  • The crucial role of BKT Tires in accomplishing this world record

  • Bari Mussawir's emotions during the record-breaking performance

Don't miss the chance to relive this thrilling episode!

Did you know?
  • A donut is when you spin around in a Monster Jam Truck using the front steering and rear steering.
  • Bari Mussawir’s Monster Truck is called Zombie.
  • The record was achieved in June 2020.

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