Inspiring Talk with Rajiv Poddar

From factory floor to Joint Managing Director, Rajiv Poddar's journey at BKT has been nothing short of inspiring. 

But wait, there's more! Rajiv is the third generation of his family to act as part of BKT’s core management team. In this episode we learn how his unique experiences and interests have influenced his approach to the management of BKT. Most notably, this includes Rajiv’s love for sports, which has been a driving factor in BKT’s sponsorship of major sporting events across the globe - a move that has grown BKT’s brand awareness and recognition amongst an international audience exponentially. 

In this episode, Rajiv also shares insight into his journey up BKT’s ranks, imparting valuable career advice for aspiring professionals tuning in!

Finally, don't miss out on Rajiv's greatest inspiration of all: his family!

Did you know?
  • Mr Rajiv Poddar represents the third generation from the Poddar family in the tire business.
  • Sports teach many lessons in life, such as: teamwork, accountability and respect for the opponent.
  • BKT and sports have values in common.