Inspiring Talk with Lucia Salmaso

Meet Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe, and the marketing and communication mastermind behind BKT's global success! 

From managing worldwide communication activities to spearheading global sponsorship strategies, as well as managing BKT’s European OEM segment - Lucia does it all! 

From family to inspirational leaders at BKT, Lucia shares the key figures that have inspired her on her journey to the top of an industry that has previously been dominated by men. She opens up about the challenges she has faced, and how she has overcome such obstacles on her own journey.

We delve into the highlights of Lucia’s job - including her jet-set lifestyle and the opportunity to immerse herself in new cultures on a daily basis. Outside of BKT, Lucia also shares the special moments that spur her on everyday. 

Ready to be inspired by BKT’s very own superwoman? Watch the episode now!

Did you know?
  • One of Lucia’s greatest sources of inspiration was her father.
  • Lucia has been in the tire industry for almost 40 years.
  • Lucia loves discovering new cultures when traveling.