Inspiring Talk Arvind Poddar

In this episode, we’re excited to share an exclusive interview with Mr Arvind Poddar - Chairman and Joint Managing Director of BKT - not only in his capacity as a business leader, but also as an individual.

Over the last thirty years, BKT has gone from strength to strength - now recognised as a global player in the off-highway tire market, with tire products sold in over 160 countries worldwide. But what was the journey to BKT as we know it today?

Throughout the episode, Mr. Poddarl delves into several topics, including:

  • The secrets behind BKT’s success.

  • The key qualities behind successful leadership.

  • The core values of BKT.

Importantly, Mr Poddar shares how a constant focus on innovation and the delivery of exceptional tires for BKT’s customers has fuelled a great deal of the company’s success. 

In addition to this, we explore how family values have remained at the center of BKT’s business philosophy and day-to-day activities - even as it has been scaled to a global organization. 

Whether you’re keen to know more about BKT’s rapid growth, or you're an aspiring business owner looking for guidance on how to scale your own company, watch the full episode now.

Did you know?
  • The term family does not refer to the dimensions of the company as an entity, but to BKT's approach to business.
  • Mr Poddar’s morning ritual consists of an hour of walking, followed by yoga.
  • The BKT Foundation’s main focus lies on children.